How does it work?

We have a collection of 20 practice mock tests that supports your learning by solving questions under Mathcounts competition test conditions. Detailed solutions are included along with helpful hints and suggested study concepts in order to provide actionable ideas that can help you form your own problem solving strategies.

Our test collections and the method encourages you to think outside the box, build self confidence, speed and accuracy.

The material can be used to prepare for any Math Competition but specifically structured under the competition format and practices of the Mathcounts Competition. So, if you are getting ready for the Chapter and State level Mathcounts, our practice tests would prove to be beneficial.

Best Quality Content

Our method and content has been a work in progress since the last 5 years based on our own Competition Math Journey. We have tried and tested numerous ideas in order to understand the right skills and knowledge necessary to be successful both as an effective learner and to compete in competitions at your highest level during your middle school and high school years. Our process will expose the concepts where you lag behind and fill those gaps through a simple suggested study concepts that you can follow.

Affordable Pricing

We know money matters. To accommodate everyone,  we have made our practice test pack available at an affordable entry price point that teaches you the concepts using our simple 5 step success method. Once you go through a practice test using our platform and learn the problem solving method, you are then free to apply the method independently with your own study materials to be successful at Mathcounts and other competitions. This non-reliance of a long term commitment makes it an attractive learning experience that builds a strong problem solving foundation. 

Detailed Solutions with Recommended Study Concepts

Each and every practice test question is paired with our detailed solutions to help you understand the concepts and the pattern behind it. Once you know the concepts, then it becomes easier to spot the question pattern and/or will enable you to solve harder problems by breaking them down to simpler chunks. Mostly harder problems are multi-layered with several easier problems hiding in disguise. Solutions will also help you with understanding whether your approach to solving a particular problem was effective and ways you can tweak your thinking to improve speed and accuracy.

Helpful Hints to Build Problem Solving Skills

Ideas work when they are insightful and actionable. We bring just that and tell you in simple terms on questions where your answers are incorrect and give you hints in terms of where you need to focus in order to solve a particular problem. You may know the concept yet it didn't click or you lack the know-how to apply the concept in order to solve a particular problem. When you solve a problem through a concept-hint, it becomes part of your muscle memory and will train you to spot similar problems in the future.

Easy to follow 5 Step Success Method


Creative test taking process helps to keep things interesting and to build a strong foundation in your problem solving and enhances your thinking outside the box skillsets. We discovered, though it is very important to practice with questions of varying difficulty, different patterns and under competition test conditions it is more important to follow a process with which you approach your learning and the step by step method you undertake towards problem solving. In our opinion, the latter makes the biggest difference in students who make it to the top 4 and the rest who don't. We teach you the process and the step by step method to give you an edge and to maintain a steady state of mind during competitive events.