Five (5) Step Success Method for Problem Solving

 How it works? 

Attempt Practice Mock Test Twice

Step 1 >> Attempt Twice

Do a full practice mock under competition test conditions to get your baseline score and to understand your pace. We will show your score in the results page without giving away the mistakes you made on specific problems on the test. You then retake the test under the same time conditions. Don't worry, all your answers are stored in the system so you get to revisit all problems under the original time limit and to check if you are able to catch any of your own errors this second time around.  This will strongly register the type of mistakes you tend to make on certain patterns of questions. There is a strong correlation between your test taking skills and the number of practices you do. So, attempting each tests multiple times before looking at the answers or the solutions, helps both with your problem solving and test taking skills.

Catch Missing Links

Step 2 >> Catch Missing Links

After you attempted several times and tried to improve your score you may still have problems that you do not know the answers or even how to approach them. In this case, you would then move on to the review section where you Retry problems you couldn’t answer correctly using helpful hints. Based on our experience, this is a crucial step to follow before looking at the solutions to build your problem solving skills. Hints will give you enough details so you can try to figure if you are able to crack the problem and to see if you got the answer right.  Hints also helps you retain the pattern of problems where you had challenges and trains you to spot them quickly when you come across those patterns again. 

Analyze Knowledge Gaps

Step 3 >> Analyze Knowledge Gaps

After trying with helpful hints, you can then move on to reviewing the detailed solution to identify gaps in knowledge. In this step, we will show you the correct answer to the problem as well as detailed solution explaining the underlying concept that you need to know to solve similar problems in the future. This will make sure you know the concept and the problem pattern and is really helpful particularly for those problems you could not do or received incorrect answers.  

Deep Dive

Step 4 >> Deep Dive

Following the solution, we provide suggested study concepts and areas of a particular topic where you may need to put in additional focus. This helps reduce your gaps in knowledge and at the same time give ways to rethink strategies.  Once you have the sufficient knowledge and skills, you will able to easily identify problems that are challenging and how to peel them off step by step to get to the solution. Based on the problem pattern, you may also quickly identify those that takes time to solve so you can choose to skip them during the test and revisit after completing remaining easier/straight forward problems in the test.

Do it again

Step 5 >> Do It Again

Once you go through the above four steps, now it is time to think about what strategies worked, what didn’t and if there is anything you need to include in your plan. Record them on the notes section below during your review. Our system will consolidate and keep track of your notes under your profile section so you can review your notes before your competition to refresh your memory. Once you refine your strategy, Repeat with the next mock and follow the 5 step process.