Our experience

We have participated in over 50 competition events in the past 5 years ranging from local to national levels. Our accolades include, National Championship winner in NSF in 2017 and 2018, Mathcounts Chapter winner 3 consecutive years and State Winner for NJ in 2019, Perfect scores in AMC8, 144 on AMC10 and 8 on AIME and have been a key team member on several high school competition events such as ARML, MMaths, HMMT. Our middle school competition list of contest experience and winning stats is given below. You can find the complete list of competition experience on our home page. 


Mathcounts AMC10 AIME North South Foundation JHMMC AMC8 GAUSS MATH LEAGUE WWPMT

Overall Winning Stats since the past 5 years

Winning Stats