Our story



We love competition math and even more so discovering ideas and strategies that builds stronger learning foundation. We believe real education is the true game changer and is the key to anyone's success. 

Our journey dates back to 2012 when we were helping our son with his 1st grade Math homework. He was a very curious kid with interest learning various subjects in general and more towards Math.

Like any other parent, we went in search of resources and opportunities that can fuel his interest towards learning. It took us down the path of researching Math enrichment courses. We tried several options and stuck with a few for a couple of years but always had the nagging feeling that something is missing.

During the summer of 2013, we learned about North South Foundation from a friend who ran a summer camp for elementary school students. She urged us to sign up for the NSF competition series in 2013 in which our son came 1st in regional's and qualified to attend the Nationals in UT, Dallas but did not make it to the Top 25 leaderboard. It was a humbling experience for him and that disappointment was a turning point which motivated him to learn, get better and push further. As a family, we felt the competition provided both a goal and a very clear target of measure for one's knowledge and skills. We got hooked ever since. 

During the past 5 years, we have put in over 10,000 hours of preparation and practice and took part in 50+ challenging middle school and high school competitions at national, state, chapter, regional, school and local level.

Our experience from both successes and failures helped us to form ideas and strategies that are tested and found to be very effective during our competition journey (preparation, practice and the day of the competition).

With a stronger team in place, we are now launching this online solution that can improve your test taking abilities for Math Competitions using a simple 5-Step success method that can guide you to compete at your highest level.

We look forward to helping you with your Mathcounts and other competition math journey.